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Santa Teresa Spanish School offers high-quality intensive Spanish language courses on the Santa Teresa beach-front coast . Santa Teresa is one of the most beautiful beach parcels in Costa Rica famous for surfing and renowned for incredible sunsets, tropical animals and a diversity of nature second to none.

Our school is located in the heart of Santa Teresa, steps away from the white specled beach sand, and short walking distance from the convenience stores, local restaurant patios and retail boutiques.

More than just a Spanish language school, we offer various services to make your sejour as memorable and comfortable as possilbe. From accommodations in Santa Teresa Spanish School, surfing orientation, advance surf classes , surfboard & ATV rentals , and ADVENTURES TOURS well-off the *beaten path*, all requests bear consideration!


Our Spanish courses are designed for enthusiasts of all ages and levels. Whether or not you just want the basics to make your Spanish-travelling journeys easier, or seek to learn from those whose native tongue is Spanish, PSS is the perfect place to debut, improve or master your skills. We offer up to 30 lessons per week or just one if all you need is a referesher cycle, allowing you to select if whether or not you wish to be among others or simply on your own while you take on the Spanish language.

Spanish Classes

Lessons are offered by experienced and native-speaking teachers. The teaching approach is geared to oral communication, written language techniques, vocabulary work and essential grammar. We don’t restrict ourselves to just teaching Spanish. We also teach the important inter-cultural, Latin American aspects of Spanish necessary for a genuine and well-rounded grasp of the language.

There are many reasons to opt for private individualized courses. Personal instructions are ideal if you may feel shy or intimated by other more experienced or multi-lingual-inclined. You may also just want to learn a specialized vocabulary or dialect that’s particular to your agenda and objectives. Also if you already know some Spanish but have trouble engagine in conversation, a more focused conversation will ensure tangible improvement and more realized results.

You can also add individual classes to any group course as warranted by overall progress; moreover, one-on-one sessions are indispensible for professionals who currently working or anticipating working in a Spanish-speaking country; notably, any trade work requiring terminology and parlance of a technical nature, found in such fileds as medicine, pharmacalogy, accounting, science, law, and many others.

Note that for your convenience, you may mix private individual lessons with group sessions based on your progress and personal needs. For example, you can take what you’ve learned on your own lessons and apply them in group lessons to see what kind of results your work has yielded in a real-world Spanish interacitve conversation and correspondence.


Please check all possibilyty and variety of coursess HERE Iguana package, Delphine package, Frog package, Monkey family package

Included: Evaluation and testing; study materials and WiFi.

Monkey Family Package
Iguana Package
Frog Package
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